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Why should you avoid running!

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Vinay Singh

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Have you thought of running but have always made excuses to avoid running? Have you tried but you never gained the courage to run long distances? Do you feel running is a redundant exercise? If you do, Voila! This post is written exactly for someone like you!

This highly informative article is intended for those people who have been advised by friends, doctors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists to run, but have still avoided it till date, because “I can’t!”

Here are 15 reasons for people like us, who want to avoid running at any cost. Even though we know what it provides.

  • 1. Running can help you live longer – who wants to live longer anyway?

    Runners live longer than those who don’t. A research by a health institute in the US experimented with about 1,000 adults (ages 50 and older) for 21 years. At the end of the study, 85 percent of the runners were found to live a hunky dory life, while only 66 percent of the non-runners were alive. Why would I wanna live that long anyway?

  • 2. Running can get you high – But I already get drunk every weekend!

    The high that a Runner gets is REAL! Experimental Technology published a study which shows that when we run, our brains pump out endocannabinoids, cannabis-like molecules that keep runners happy—and hooked. But who needs endocan-whatever, when we can get high sitting on our own couch!

  • 3. We start using cars lesser!

    Gym workout might only take an hour, but getting to and from the gym takes another 30 minutes’ drive in my car. How’d I use my credit card which gives me waiver in fuel surcharge? Running won’t help me there as the second I step out of the front door, I would be running.

  • 4. I don't want to lose weight, cause I hate losing!

    Dare you make fun of me by calling me FAT. How does it matter if running every week would help me lose substantial amount of weight in a couple of months’ time? It's not such a great deal to lose weight, but I hate losing.

  • 5. Running can help score you Vitamin D, but you got to get up early

    The human body gets most of its vitamin D from sun exposure. Taking your run outside early morning can help boost your levels to ward off depression, prevent type 2 diabetes, and strengthen your bones. My snooze button already feels bad.

  • 6. It’s an exercise without any equipment

    Running is so easy I won’t be required to use any equipment for it. Just a shirt, short, and shoes, and I am good to go. What good can that do?!

  • 7. Getting lost, as there is no specific path or a track

    One can run anywhere, which has a serious problem imbedded in itself. Once you start running, you may actually get lost as there is no need of even a track for running. I am not sure if I would even want to try that.

  • 8. Running with pets? Catwalk?

    Some people take the liberty to run with their pets. A recent study also concluded, the four-legged animal experiences similar highs as experienced by a runner himself. But who wants to exercise their pets? I absolutely loathe it. And so does my dog. We better be staying home and watching cats’ videos on YouTube.

  • 9. Running makes bones stronger

    Running is a high impact exercise, meaning it loads and strengthens your bones along with your muscles through core building exercises. But running doesn't help my tongue anyway as my tongue doesn't have bones. When it would help my tongue get stronger, I might give running a thought!

  • 10. Running helps you reach your goals.

    Running makes you very goal-centric. You’re always trying to achieve new milestones, and you know that you can’t just beat your goal in a day. It takes discipline, time, and consistency. That mindset, and practice working toward running goals, does in helping you reach other career, financial, and personal goals. But they are already bogging me down, so I better work on those goals first, duh!

  • 11. Makes me more Social

    Why would I get out of the door and greet everyone Good morning/afternoon/evening/night or Hi-fi them while we cross each other while running? Why shall I smile at strangers during my run? Instead, let's buzz them on WhatsApp or poke them on facebook!

  • 12. I could spend more time with myself

    I am more of a solo exerciser. Running alone would make me meditate on all the trials and tribulations in life and tear me apart. Running alone might help me zen out my thoughts and organize them better, but maybe I'll do it later.

  • 13. Running is never the same!

    Every run is different. One can mix it up so many ways, from running hills, going on tempo runs, performing intervals, or mixing it up between the road and the trail. I’d rather watch adventurous movies than being so adventurous myself.

  • 14. Our bodies are naturally constructed to be seated.

    Running is the most basic form of exercise, using one's own body, weight, and two legs to push oneself forward. It’s as functional as any workouts would get. But we have been gifted with buttocks, for us to sit. Why not use them instead? Incidentally, I am writing this article as I am seated. If I were running, how’d I write?!

  • 15. It will motivate me to eat more carbs

    Running is just an excuse to consume more carbs. And not just whole grain “healthy” carbs. I am talking about Cookies, Pastas, and White Bread Pizzas of the world. Simple, fast-acting carbohydrates are a runner’s best fuel, and augmenting your intake can help you run better, and recover quicker. And I am in no need to cultivate such excuses.

    I love running. I can sit and watch people run all day! And if your intuition suggests this post is sarcastic, I think you’ve got the point!