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Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon - What exactly is it?

Half marathon is a very friendly distance. Beginners, who have been acquainted with road running through the couch to 5k and 10k, can look for about half a distance increase with the next step. Those who are experienced runners tend to adore half marathons since racing 13 miles needs less commitment when compared to a full 26! But that doesn't take away the excitement from it. It is all the same, just that you will get to reach home early! You can also look at half marathons as your training for upcoming marathons. If you know the idea of the time you take for the half, you'll be better prepared for the full one!

What are the benefits?

Half Marathon training comes with benefits that are great if you're planning for a full marathon anytime soon. To begin with, it enhances your confidence to run a full marathon. Know that the number of people who have accomplished it is less so that you realize it's no less than a feat if you finish one! It makes you mentally strong and successful while also giving you the bragging rights so you can flaunt your achievement! Once you start the Half Marathon training program, you will get accustomed to the structured training that it has got, and it will boost your morale all the more!

Half Marathon training at Ace Runners

Half marathon training is all about stamina as well as your speed endurance. The training involves many more aspects when compared to the easy ones. Your body needs to first prepare for the hard workouts and running miles together before you can target particular physiological needs of the half marathon which you meet during the final weeks of your training. At Acerunners, the Half Marathon training program is designed to slowly enhance the mileage of your body on a weekly basis! Our training won't just offer you a strong foundation for aerobic abilities but will also power up your tendons, ligaments, muscles and the like so you can handle the stress that comes with harder pieces of training!

So, lace up your marathon shoes. It's high time you start training for the half marathon race!

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